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Marketing By Kala: Go Viral with $100 OR LESS!

Marketing By Kala: Go Viral with $100 OR LESS!

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My creative and strategic marketing strategy that has made me a multi 6 figure business owner! I have the BEST vendors and even the flyest marketing because I know exactly what to post! I teach you how to do this in your business with my strategy! Guarantee to make you go viral as long as you do what I tell you! 🔑💗Drops 7/14 at 12AM EST! It’s time to go viral sis! Let’s get it‼️

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About Kala

Associates Degree in Marketing
7 year experience of owning an online boutique
MULTI 6 figure sale recently averaging ($140,000)! Not only do I know what I'm talking about, but I also know how to get you there quickly since I have already went through all of the losses, profits, high and lows you can think of as a boutique owner!