How I turned my boutique into a MULTI 6 Figure Online Brand⬇️

Here's what comes with my course!

  • - 7 of my 6 figure vendors (3 do not require a permit and those are the ones I use the most)! For 3 of the vendors you don't have to get a business permit until you start making bank.
  • My go to wholesale websites! 
  • How to set up the biz for taxes (my tax saving strategy $$$ sis so you're not overwhelmed with tax season!!!)
  • How to get FREE brand promotion with Celebrities + how to make hundreds off of brand affiliate collabs for FREE sis!!!!
  • How to price to profit so you not only sell out but make income because I'm confident you will make bank! I did it so you will too!
  • How to start marketing your brand to THRIVE ONLINE!

I teach the girlies how to get where I am, in LESS time! All guides are down below! #nogatekeeping

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