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Listen, your not in this alone! I started Fearless M Co to help entrepneurs and small businesses reach exceedily amazing goals they never thought as possible with being a small biz! From making $200 a month to $10,000-$20,000 chile. I'm about to put you on! an I started with $100. And I'm gonna help you do the same!

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About Fearless M Co

I'm Markala, the CEO + Founder of Kala Kouture, an online clothing boutique I started at 16 years old that has now become a multi 6 figure business. I teach black women like me how to do the same. AT HOME! Now here's the scoop on how a small town, country girl from Virginia made 6 figures. Twice. I remember when my mom got a new job offer in big town Charlotte, NC about 10 years ago. I was just about to enter high school and we moved. I didn't know that this move would re-pivot my life forever. I remember when we moved I started getting more into bigger brand shopping like F21, American Eagle, etc because where I'm from all we had was Rue 21 and Cato's. And chile I was popping, BUT moving into big old charlotte you not only are exposed to more companies, but more consumerism as well, everything is only 10-15 minutes away! The mall, food, experiences, allat. In high school I wore a lot of unique clothing that I found online with these bigger brands that they didn't have in store and when I would wear it to school my peers also asked me where did I get my top from, where did I get my pants from ,etc. And ya know being in highschool you realize something, I need money. lol. So I started selling my clothes on Poshmark and Mercari and literally sold just about my whole dang closet. I remember I was 15 years old making $400 a week from selling used clothing online. SO I thought hmm why not do this, but instead with my own store? Then I made my first iron on "Melanin Poppin" t shirts. I sold like 4 or 5 of them, and then decided to re-sell something else that wasn't gonna take so much work going back and forth to the store without a car and I wasn't an official business so I had to buy iron on + heat transfer retail price, so I decided to re-sell halter tops and sunglasses. Once that started selling well and my peers at school took notice of my brand online, then I got into doing paid ad post. Now at 23 years old, I have become a multi 6 figure boutique owner and I'm helping women around the world do the same thing!

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